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Monday, October 6, 2008

Blast From The Past--What a Hoot!

I just checked out the pics from my 30th high school reunion! What a HOOT! Yes, for those of you who aren't good at math, that means I graduated in the previous century, 1978 to be exact. Those high school years were some of the most miserable years of my life and many of those pictured in the photos were responsible for that misery.

I recognized the names under the pics, but if I had fallen over them in the street, I wouldn't have known them. They were all fat, bald, wrinkled and gray, except for two. Many of them have several children and were never married. Still many, many others are divorced and are, at age 48, just now finding their "soul mates". Looking at some of those mugs and readin' those bios has made me feel like a very fortunate woman.

Here's why:
~I've been married to my only boyfriend for 26 years. We are still madly in love, in fact, even more so than when we got married. Yes, we almost got divorced in the early years, but we stuck it out, with the Lord's help and the Lord has made our marriage my most treasured possession here on earth. My husband is not perfect, but he is my absolute "bestest friend" in the world. He makes me laugh, he tells me the truth, and he always has our good in mind in every decision that he makes. He is a selfless person and a true example of Christlike living. And to top it all off, he just makes life fun!

~My hubby is still as handsome as he was the day I married him. Yes, his goatee tickles me and yes, there is a bit more of him to love, but he's still good looking enough that sometimes on Sunday mornings I'm more interested in how he looks in a suit than I am in what he's saying! (confessions of a Pastor's wife). He's not gray! He's not bald! He's not fat!

~My kids not only know who their Daddy is, they all have the same one. He lives and loves in the same residence with us. My kids absolutely adore their Dad. He always brings a smile to their faces, unless they did something really bad. Even then, it isn't long after the punishment that they are back in his lap watching sports, yapping about everything under the sun, or pulling him out the door for a walk or some ball playing.

~I've had an interesting life. I've been a lot of places and done a lot of things. I have never been stuck in a dead end job that bores me to tears for too long. My world is much larger than the little dinky town where I went to high school, so my perspective on life, the world, and what's important is a little different than it would have been if I, like so many of them, had stayed in that town for the last 30 years. I'm not saying their perspectives are skewed, I'm just saying that I'm glad for all the places, people and events in my life because they have shaped me into someone who is truly secure in who I am, generally happy on a daily basis, and not easily swayed or disturbed.

~I don't need to have that red, alcohol induced glow on my face to be convinced that I have had a good time. I actually remember my good times and who I had them with! I have no regrets or hangovers in the morning after having a good time. I don't need to wait 5 years to have a special place to go to have fun with my friends. Anywhere my friends are is already special and guaranteed to be a fun place!

~I have no desire to go to a reunion and remember. My future is so exciting that I find the past quite boring and passe. Besides, I am no longer that girl that I was in high school or college. I've gotten over myself and figured out that the world doesn't revolve around me. Why would I want to go back and reminisce about what a jerk I was?

I did think of going back to a reunion, just once, but chickened out because I was the brunt of many jokes in high school and I didn't want to give those who had never grown up any more fun at my expense. (I understand that people have a tendency to regress at these kinds of functions and I didn't want to end up punching someone in the mouth for calling me "Big Bird". ) You see, I grew way too fast and developed a condition called "I'm so clumsy, I can't walk and chew gum at the same time" and was the brunt of many a joke from the "cooler", more coordinated crowd. But few of them went on to play college sports, or do anything significant, but if I recall, Big Bird made it really BIG! HA!

Anyway, I'm very thankful and grateful to God for leading me where He has lead me in life, giving me a wonderful marriage, husband, family, home, friends, job, and all other things pertaining to really living, and living Godly! I feel very blessed!


  1. That is a hoot! I think living a pure life unto the Lord is a form of youth preservation :-) I've never gone a high school reunion for similar reasons. It's good enough to examine from afar. Ha!!


  2. That is pretty great! I keep saying that you couldn't pay me a million dollars to go back to high school, and the reunions almost feel that way, too. I don't want to go back and play those games, which I am sure would still happen at the reunions. No need! My life is awesome without it!!