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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

7 Days of Pastor Appreciation for my Pastor's Wives Friends-Day 7

A friend of mine attended a large wedding in Pittsburgh, PA. The bride's father was a very influential man in the area, so the wedding was held in the largest cathedral in the city and had around 600 people in attendance. The bride had on a gown so big and poofy that you could have hidden Jerome Bettis under it and it was complimented by a Cathedral length veil.

During a special song, the groom very discreetly leaned up to tell the Pastor that his zipper was down. The Pastor just smiled and nodded, but didn't do anything about the zipper. At the end of the service, as the couple turned to face the congregation, the Pastor quickly reached down and zipped up his zipper.

He announced the new couple to the congregation. The organ blared, the congregation clapped and cheered and the newly married couple began their long descent down the aisle as husband and wife! About half way down the aisle, the bride’s veil suddenly flew right off her head! The crowd let out an astonished “OH!” Slowly their eyes followed the veil back up the aisle right into the frantic Pastor’s zipper!

~I hope that this week of funnies has blessed you and made you laugh! And may you all know how wonderful and special you are in the Kingdom of God.

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  1. These were all so funny LOL. Thanks for the laughs Cyndi!