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Thursday, October 23, 2008

7 Days of Pastor Appreciation for my Pastor's Wives Friends-Day 1

My dh is a very modest, shy kind of man. On his first night doing water baptism, there were about 12 people to be water baptized. One of the boys being baptized was 11 years old. When his name was called, he jumped from the top of the steps leading into the baptistery and did the best cannonball I have ever seen! Deacons scrambled trying to move the microphones before the big splash, but unfortunately they all ended up soaked. It was a most electrifying experience—almost!

After his baptism, the kid disappeared. My husband finally found him swimming under water back to the steps and just stood watching him in total disbelief! This was all in God’s providence because standing on the other side of the baptistery, waiting her turn to be baptized, was a 30 year old woman who assumed that you got baptized in the nude. I guess her morning devotions had been “naked you come into this world and naked you go out!” Fortunately, another woman who was in line behind her noticed the full moon and managed to pull her back into the dressing room before all the congregation and my hubby-who would have died a thousand deaths and probably would have just ended it there and drowned himself-saw her.


  1. I am writing on your blog... yes I am, yes I am... A naked woman, huh? One time, many moons ago (no pun intended...), my dad baptized a very large woman. She had her nice baptismal robe on and all was well with the world... NOT! When she went down, her robe went up and she had NOTHING on beneath her robe... what a sight! LOL... my mom gasped, they pulled her robe down and she had her sins washed away... LOL! ;-)

  2. ROTFL! Thank you!!! I laughed so hard I choked!

  3. These are hilarious LOL!!


  4. Hey! I left you a message on the fishbowl... did you get it? ;-)

  5. oh my... I can totally see this happening! WOW! Note to self - mention to hubby how important it is to be VERY clear in the instructions about baptisms... what to wear, s well as well as the normal where to be and when to be there stuff! LOL!