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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

7 Days of Pastor Appreciation for my Pastor's Wives Friends

Ladies, we have all been talking about Pastor's Appreciation Month.

Our church has gone hog wild in "appreciating" us this month.
~a presentation from the young children at church who made us a book and gave us candy.
~a week of yummy meals delivered daily that included tasty chicken casserole, salad, steak-my hubby's favorite, pot roast that was to die for, sloppy joes with Mac and cheese-always a hit at our house, and chili with corn bread that came right before we were leaving to freeze our tukus' off at the homecoming parade. We went warm and full and refueled when we got home.
~a Wednesday home invasion by some college kids who cooked dinner and cleaned our upstairs (see blessed beyond measure-a former blog).

This Sunday there was another presentation at church from the youth and college crowd expressing appreciation that truly blessed our souls. The youth also did a skit called "What Life Would be Like Without Pastor D." It was truly unique, poignant, and humorous!

Along with all of this, there have been little gifts along the way too.
~3 red roses lovingly purchased by a 6 year old with birthday money, truly a gift beyond value!
~a gallon of apple cider
~a jar of apple butter
~iced cookies lovingly decorated by the nursery children
~17 cents in a snack bag from a child in the congregation

This week, I'm looking forward to desserts every night--where is my total gym???? I'll have to find it! Hopefully some may stay and have some dessert with us!

And last but not least, there is a bathroom remodeling project in the works since I got inspired and started ripping the gaudy wall paper off the wall, and then never got the time and energy at the same time to finish what I had started. (It was actually an experiment to see if starting a project that would leave it looking hideous would be motivation enough for me to dig in and get it fixed. It wasn't--obviously!)

I also know that many Pastor's and their wives pass right through October with nary a word. That has happened to us before too. It hurts, to say the least considering that life in the ministry is one of sacrifice. But let me say right up front that I appreciate all of you who have dedicated your lives to the ministry. We all know that being in the ministry is harder at times than any other job in the world.

I taught my children from toddler hood on that their Dad had the most important job in the world! While others help people in this life, like doctors, lawyers, firemen, and teachers, a pastor also heals, defends, rescues and teaches, but he does it so that when they leave this earth, their future is secure with God for all eternity. Needless to say, my kids think a whole lot of their Dad and are proud that he is a Pastor.

So in honor of all of my fellow Pastor's wives, I will post a funny each day! We all need a laugh and let's face it, the ministry affords us many opportunities to witness funny events. Perhaps some of you have some that you can add as well.


  1. Our people have done nothing, but that's okay. I'm so happy for you... isn't it awesome to know that they are unified in their appreciation and can show it in such caring ways? Eat it up while you can, chick! :-)

  2. I'm so glad that your church is lavishing blessings on you guys. I keep trying to 'shout it from the mountaintops' that it's Pastor Appreciation Month everywhere I can. I think sometimes they just don't know (at least I hope that's why they haven't done anything...). Enjoy it, and really soak it up, 'cuz they mean it, and they are saying it now... they won't always be saying it even if they do appreciate you.

  3. Sweet Mummy, you are so right on all counts. I mentioned to a piano student's parent what our church was doing for us and he looked surprised, so I mentioned that it was Pastor's Appreciation Month and he said "HUH?" So you are right, people sometimes just don't know. And for sure, as ministers, we are grateful anytime someone says something appreciative. It means so much!

  4. Thanks for sharing these great, funny stories.

    I enjoyed stopping by your blog. Thanks for sharing!

    May the Lord bless you and your ministry to God's people.

    All for Jesus,

  5. Julie, thanks for the visit. I enjoyed your blog and will be reading it in the future.