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Friday, September 5, 2008

Life's Questions

Things I have pondered or may have to ask about when I get to heaven.

Why does one of my children have a dried tortilla on the shelf in their bedroom with a face drawn on it?

Is it possible to teach older people to fill ice cube trays?

Why do they call those disposable diapers "pull ups"? Most kids I know can get them down, but very few can actually pull them up!!! Half the time, I have trouble getting them up and end up picking the kid off the ground just trying to get them "pulled up!"

Who invented microbeads and do they have liability insurance?

Why didn't God kill Job's wife too? He would have been much better off without her nagging him half to death!

Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

Was dirt dirty before the fall of humankind?

Why did God make poison ivy and mosquitoes?

Why isn't "hair" in "haircut" plural? Don't we usually get all of our head hairs cut at the beauty shop?

Why do some think that God has no sense of humor? Haven't you ever seen an afghan hound? If I owned one of those, I'd put a bag over my head when I took it for a walk. Sorry if you own one of these, but let's face it--they are just plain ugly!

And this one is from one of my Sunday school students--will we go to the bathroom in heaven? Yes, my class is very interesting sometimes! :-)

Any widsom?

Truly, this is NOT how I spend my days, but every now and then one of these random questions wanders through my head. And sometimes, my hubby and I just want to escape from it all so we sit around talking about random things. Right now I'm thinking about oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips! I smell what my daughter is up to!

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  1. People that think God has no sense of humor have obviously never read the Bible!! To make my point... I was reading in Ezekiel today and the Lord is telling Ezekiel all these weird prophetic things to do: make a cake out of wheat, barley, etc. and cook it over a fire of human dung.. Ezekiel says, "But Lord, I've never eaten anything unclean before!" God says, "Fine, cook it over COW dung!" (my paraphrase) Hahahahaha... I laughed out loud at that!!! :)