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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy, holy people

Now here's a sight you don't see everyday!

I doubt these ladies are "in the habit" of acting this way in public. I've certainly never seen a nun act this way but my only frame of reference is Mother Angelica and The Sound of Music.
But here they are, having the time of their lives enjoying God's creation.

Twice I read yesterday a phrase that said "make us a happy, holy people". I immediately thought of this photo.

These ladies are obviously holy (set apart) AND happy--something else you don't see everyday!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the church of Jesus Christ could be so easily identified as Christian as these nuns can be identified as Catholic? Wouldn't it be even more wonderful if the identifying factor was our sheer joy of being set apart for God?

I may have some theological differences with these ladies, but I have to admire their willingness to be obviously different for the cause of God. And as exhibited by this photo, happy about it too.

Happiness in a believer is the outworking of an inner work of the holiness of God. We cannot be truly happy if we are not truly holy. May God grant that inner working of holiness in every area of my life!

The writer of this phrase also went on to say:
"God cannot make me happy with Himself until He has made me holy like Himself"

And so my prayer is "make me a happy, holy person; Help me to walk the separated life with firm and brave step, and to wrestle successfully against weakness...". "Help me remember that life is short and unforeseen, and is only an opportunity for usefulness;" "Help me to know...that I must place all happiness in holiness if I hope to be filled with all grace" and that my life will never satisfy me until it satisfies you. "Let my heart leap towards the eternal sabbath, where the work of redemption, sanctification, preservation, glorification is finished and perfected for ever, where thou wilt rejoice over me with joy." For Christ's sake, Amen.

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  1. I just saw 2 nuns at Kohl's very seriously inspecting new bedding and linens :-) How true we are to be happy and holy.