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Monday, August 18, 2008

They're Gone!

They're all gone!

My Dad, whom I see very rarely.
My sister, whom I see one day a year.
My kids, who are on their way to grandmas!

Fortunately we had a nice visit! That's not always a given. I loved seeing my sister. We have so much fun together, even it it's only for one day a year. And my kids, well, I'm glad that they get to go to grandma's for a few days, but shoot, they aren't even there yet and I miss them already!

The house is so quiet. My hubby is taking a well deserved nap, the second of the day. The dog is probably chewing another hot spot that is trying to make an appearance on her backside. All I hear is the drone, drone of the dehumidifier. No banging drums, no excited screams about what songs are on the radio, no thump, thump of a tennis ball being thrown against the house.

My friends seem to think that I should be excited about them being gone for a few days, but for some reason, I'm not. Sure, I'll get to eat liver and onions, salmon, and all the things they don't like or we can't afford if they are all here. Sure, I won't have all the laundry to do, the Knex roller coasters to walk around, the Knex pieces to pull out of my feet, the freeze pop papers to dig out from under the couch, the constant stream of dishes on the table, and when I want a snack, there might actually be something left to snack on. But that doesn't seem to excite me this time. I miss my kids!!!!

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  1. It's such a GOOD thing that you miss your kids... shows the real, true-blue heart of a Godly mother. :) you rock!