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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

If These Sheep Could Talk

These sheep are made entirely from telephones and cords! Their faces are telephone bases and their bodies are made of cords. Their feet are handsets. They are in the Museum of Communications in Frankfurt, Germany. Sorrry about the poor quality photos because they are quite exquisite and imaginative!

When I get together with my friend who emailed this to me, we have a habit of getting pretty silly, reverting back in age at least 15 years. We came up with some things these fellows might say if they could talk.

~Uh, excuse me Baaabet, but your face is ringing!

~Yep, that preacher really had my number this Sunday!

~Wilbur, I don't think you're wrapped to tight.

~Yeh, that Lambchops chick has been places. If only those feet could talk! Oh wait, they can talk!

~Do you like me new hair doo? It's called the Broken Slinky look and I had it done at Shear Madness!

~As my old grandpappy, I. Rotary Dial, used to say, "What goes around comes around."

~Hey, listen to this. I can play a song with my nose!

~Let your fingers do the walkin', let your feet do the talkin'.

~My best friend is quite a ding-a-ling

~What kind of soap do you use, Dial or Tone?

~He's acting pretty sheepish today!

~Don't you give me that "I'm busy signal" young man!

~Yeh, he started kissing my nose so I told him "Wrong Number Sucker!"

~Yeh, poor ole Herb, he's no longer in service

~The grass may not be greener on the other side, but it sure would beat this astroturf

~There's a bright future on our Verizon!

I hope you enjoy these! I lost practically a whole night's sleep thanks to some sugary Gatorade and these silly things swirling around my head! I hold my friend completely responsible! But I do agree with the last thought--there is a bright future on our horizon! Our future is as bright as the promises of God. Have a great day!

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