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Friday, August 29, 2008

Heart Snapshots

I heard this term “heart snapshots” in a sermon once. Ashamedly, I can’t remember what it was in reference to, but the term stuck with me.

To me, heart snapshots are memories that we make a conscious effort to remember. They’re like digital snapshots from a moment in time, captured on the memory stick of our hearts.

When she’s home, I catch my sis doing odd things like sitting on the porch swing with her eyes squeezed shut. She is listening to the sounds of the locusts as they cease and the sound of the crickets as they start, sounds she does not get to hear in Oregon. She is taking a heart snapshot.

Lately I have been encouraged by the Lord to simplfy my life and just live it one day at a time. I have determined to get as much out each as possible, so I have been taking heart snapshots. At the end of the day, I lay in bed and review all the snapshots I took that day. It reminds me of how God has blessed me through the day.

For instance, I forgot to take my digital camera to the amusement park. After seeing what those bars, belts and harnesses did to the reading glasses in my pocket, I’m glad! My digital camera would have never held up! But I took a lot of heart snapshots instead. Here are just a few:

-walking through Hershey Park in a big crowd of people with daughter #2 holding my right hand, and son #2 holding my left. Meanwhile son #1 is hanging off of Dad’s back.

-Son #2’s exhileratied face upon exiting the Superdooperlooper-his first experience going upside down.

-that big smile that illuminiates the world on the face of son #1 peeking out between the bars of a ride way up in the air.

-Daughter #2 telling me that I’m the best Mom in the world

-my two sons rolling around on the grass wrestling with each other while keeping an eye out for duck doo-doo.

-the whole family sitting in the emergency room (yes, the amusement park trip got cut short), making jokes about numbing Son#2's head instead of his hand so that we could call him "numb skull" and the puzzled look on the doctor's face as he peeked in to see what was going on. He didn't know that we are emergency room pros and that we can find something funny in literally everything life throws at us!

-the smile on Son #2’s face when we told him that he is now more spiritual than anyone at church—he has a nail scarred hand.

-my kids running ahead of me and jumping up and down trying to get me to hurry up so that we could stand in line waiting for the next roller coaster. Boy, did they ever have fun!

And others snapshots that I have taken lately are:

-the way Daughter #1 looks when she plays with her puppy. She will be a great Mom some day.

-the way hubby looks when he’s playing softball with his buddies, oblivious to anything else that is going on around him except a lot of yelling and seed spitting.

-the whole family crowded around half a watermelon, each with a fork poised to attack as soon as Daddy cuts another chunk. Sort of reminds me of vultures and road kill.

-Son #2 who always has food on his face, but doesn’t know it and who has never heard of the word "napkin".

-the look on our golden retriever’s face when she lays her head on my husband’s lap and looks like she’s smiling

-My Dad’s smile, especially when he talks of his new girlfriend, “Bib.” They are planning to date for the next 12 years and get married when they are 90. Even I’ll dance at that wedding!

-my sister and I sitting at Red Lobster and laughing about using Dad’s wallet to pay for it while he's laying in a hospital waiting on a pacemaker.

-my husband’s face while he is sleeping—I deleted the ones of him snoring! :-)

-Son #1 and his Dad sitting in the truck, both with ball caps on and elbows hanging out the window (even though son #1 has to strain to get high enough to get his elbow out the window), leaving for work in the morning

-the whole family at Meyer Dairy with their heads cocked to one side frantically licking ice cream cones that are melting fast

-the battle of the sexes: Dear Daughter #1 sitting inbetween her Dad and boyfriend on the couch, watching NCAA football. Dad and boyfriend are sitting forward on the edge of their seats, leaning towards the t.v., eyes wide open, catching every play. DD#1 is leaning back against the back of the couch staring blankly into space

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