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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You know you spend too much time on the computer when:

You Know you spend too much time on computer when:

Your husband calls you on your cell phone from the bedroom to find out if you’re coming to bed tonight.

No one can find any dishes to eat off of because they are all sitting on your computer desk.

You tell your kids that the vegetable that night is sweet peas, and they think those whimsical happy faces on your computer screen are coming for dinner.

Your hubby hacks into your account and puts the old classic song, “Baby come Back” as a request on your profile page.

When your kids come walking in the door from school, they go directly to your favorite group and write a post-- “Hey Mom! We’re home! Is there anything for snack?”

You start to miss going to church because you are “fellowshipping” or “ministering” to others on line.

Your hubby has to email you to tell you that he’s hungry and what’s for dinner?

Your friends think that there’s something wrong with your phone line because it’s always busy. (Yes, some of us are still not up to date in our technology!)

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