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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lines Unread--A Poem

I have a blog but no one reads

I share my heart, but no one sees

I have some dreams that no one shares

I have ideas, but no one cares

I have concerns but no one hears

There's no one here to wipe my tears

I published my heart in cyberspace

Alas, I fear, it was a waste

How sad it is that I believed

My blog might be interesting, I'm so deceived

Am I so vain that I feel the need

to make some noise, so I'll be seen?

Am I so desperate to be heard

That I write for no one? How absurd!

I think of things, I write some lines

But no one stops to take the time

To read my thoughts, or write and say

I think your thoughts are A-okay

Nor do they dispute the things I write

Because my heart is not in sight--

Of anyone who really cares

Except to compare my blog with theirs

But still I write, with longing dream

That my blog will pop up on someone's screen

And that some day someone will say

"Hey! I read and pondered your thought today"

But if they don't, I'm still alright

Let's face it, I do it cause I love to write!

So even if no one ever sees

I'll continue to write and be well pleased!


  1. Firstly, I read!

    Secondly, that poem was awesome and made me laugh! :)

  2. lol. I read. I concur with amethyst. Hilarious =D

  3. I read it and love it all!!


  4. That is an excellent poem, and very true I think for me too sometimes. I've enjoyed what I've read so far, and can hear you with a fellow pastor's wife's heart!

    (not sure why the link thing wouldn't work... it could be on my end. I have a very basic blogging platform. If you need my e-mail address, it should be in my blogger profile and it's definitely on my blog in the left sidebar near the top.)