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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where He leads Me I Will Follow, What He Feeds Me I Will Swallow

When at age 23 I became a Christian, I told the Lord I would do anything for Him..... except:

1. Go to Africa as a missionary-it's just too hot down there. It reminds me of hell.
2. Be a Pastor's wife. I was pretty convinced that this would not be an issue. I was married to a dairy farmer. (Of course, then I didn't know God's methods very well. If I had I would have kept my mouth shut!).

Well, to make a long story short, my husband got saved right after I did and that call to ministry that he had felt as a child, before we had ever met, returned with a vengance.

Nothing could have looked so impossible as the two of us in the ministry. First of all, my husband was the shyest person I had ever met. In fact, he almost didn't graduate from college because he couldn't pass speech class. When he stood in front of the class or had to speak in a group, in a matter of seconds he would be soaked with sweat and everything in front of him would turn black. The idea of him preaching in a pulpit was laughable but I guess God got the last laugh because here I am. Pastor's wife extradordinaire!

I am nothing even comparable to Pastor's wives I have met. ( By the way, I don't consider this fact a badge of honor.) I am not particulary careful about my appearance, I open my mouth before switching on my brain, I was raised pretty much a heathen and knew nothing of the Bible except John 3:16, which might be enough to get me to heaven but it certainly doesn't qualify me for ministry.

It's been over 20 years since God removed me from the dairy herd and placed me in His flock and I have settled into the role of Pastor's wife. Frankly, I don't see it as an official position because I can't find it portrayed as that in scripture, but it is the place where I have had to learn to function in order to fulfill my role as helpmate to my husband.

I blog for several reasons.
~I've always aspired to be a great writer of spiritual truth and substance. I honestly can't picture my name on the Publitzer Prize Winner list, so this will have to suffice. I always tell the truth, but I'm not making any predictions on the substance part.
~My sense of humor gets in the way of writing any serious prose over an extended period of time. I always see the humor in every situation--almost to the point that my friends worry about me from time to time. You think I'm being funny? Nope, this is just my lot in life.

~Blogging helps my sister keep up with me. She's the only family member who reads it.
~ This will probably be the only part of me that I can acutally pass on to my kids. (Boy are they getting ripped off!) I sold anything of value I owned to get my hubby to seminary. What I have acquired since then has been meager at best and has probably already been broken by the 3 rambunctious teenagers that live in my barn....I mean my house. What's left is currently stored in my mother-in-law's attic under a fine layer of deteriorating bat bombs. I think I'll let her keep it.

So, welcome to my barn! Hold your nose, put on your hip boots and proceed with caution.

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