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Monday, June 9, 2008

What's the Use?

A few years ago, my husband decided that I needed to be more organized. This came after having three babies in three years, making it through the toddler years with minimal trips to the emergency room, with only one visit by a plumber to fish a brass candlestick holder from the bottom of the toilet, without any major pieces of furniture being destroyed and only one small wall mural (done in the then popular art medium of crayon).

I was in Mommy mode, big time, so what in the world did I need a day planner for? I got up fixed breakfast, lunch and dinner, did laundry around the clock, and spent the rest of the time picking up toys, fixing "owies", and monitoring nap times.

I also had an older child who was school age. After we moved, I had to drive to the school twice a day which meant taking 30 minutes to get three babies in coats, hats, shoes or boots, hats and mittens if necessary, and buckled in their car seats--for the 5 minute drive to the school. If I was lucky, I managed to get a shower and go potty at least once a day unaccompanied by someone in a diaper. All in all, I think I managed the whole thing fairly well, so I really didn't see the need for a day planner at all.

Problem was, he bought me a Franklin, probably the most extensive, and expensive planner on the market. He used one, and liked it, so he just assumed that it would benefit me as well! The thing he didn't realize was that his planner was big enough for the both of us. Many of the items on his daily to do list had a "d" beside them, which stands for delegate. Guess who the object of his delegation was? I guess he figured that I needed a planner to keep track of all the things that I was delegated to do!!!

Well, the kids are grown, I still have my planner, but even today, I ask, "what's the use?" I use it and plan my day and in a short time, my plans are whooshing down the toilet along with the candlesticks. Like today for instance. I am having 4 guests for a big dinner, so I have many things to think about! So, utilizing my planner, I sat down and planned out my week. I had to take into account that the kids would all be off school for the whole week, which is like throwing a wrench into even the best laid out plans.Well, the day started out well. I got my potatoes peeled, my house vacuumed, my eggs boiled, the turkey thawing, the bread for stuffing thawing, and found my pumpkin roll recipe.

Oh no! Is that the phone I hear! Yes, it's my cell phone (or my husband's pager as I like to call it!) And yes, it's the boss. "Honey, he said, I forgot the secretary was leaving on vacation. Could you please do the advertising flyers for the conference coming up? The handbills need to be done by today, a copy needs to be taken to the newspaper office, and copies to each of the radio stations. And oh, the microphones need to be picked up at the music store. And, we'll need about 100 of those hand bills copied for distribution tonight. Oh, and did you notice that I left some billing for you to do and some check information that needs posted?? And, could you and the kids meet me at such and such an address at 1pm? There is about a 1/2 hour job (which in hubby lingo means 2 hours), that you and the kids needs to do for me because I have to be at the garage by 1pm.

"So I ask? What's the use?? I'd be better off just throwing this stinkin day planner in the air like a clay pigeon and using it for target practice. (I am in the mood to shoot something!) I guess when it's all said and done, it is more important that I helped my husband than that I got everything done that I wanted to do. Dinner may be a little later than I had originally planned and the menu may be somewhat skimmed down. I just hope the dinner guests understand!

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