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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tomato Soup Kisses

A Mom's night out!

As mothers, we dream of it, talk of it, and become adamant about needing it! We imagine adult conversation and good food, all without the distractions of crying babies, flying food, and waterfalls of falling glasses! As I made my way to the kitchen for the obligatory good bye, where the family dinner was already in progress, I smelled the aroma of tomato soup, cheese quesadillas and apples with cinnamon. I heard the giggles and the random conversation so common to our family dinner table. But I was on to greener, quieter, more sane pastures. As I went to the end of the table to start getting goodbye kisses all around, my son planted a big wet one on my newly showered cheek and said, "I gave you a tomato soup kiss, Mom!" Soon the other two were chiming in with "We want to give you a tomato soup kiss too!" So I very patiently endured as each one of them planted a big, wet, red kiss on my cheek, hoping that none of that soup would get on my shirt! It's one thing to come home from dinner with a stain on your shirt, but a whole other thing indeed to arrive at dinner with one!

Dinner was good. We laughed and had fun, but as I sat there, I kept remembering the feeling of those tomato soup kisses on my cheeks and those little arms wrapped around my neck. As good as it was to "get away" for awhile (without having to be naked and chanting the Calgon slogan), to laugh with friends, to eat a meal I didn’t prepare and didn’t have to clean up, in the back of my mind were the memory of three wet kisses whose residue was probably still on my cheeks.

As the evening rolled on and dinner broke up, some were off to do other things. Why not make the night complete with dinner AND shopping? But for some strange reason, I declined. I was in a hurry to get home. I wanted to see if there was any tomato soup left!

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