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Sunday, June 8, 2008

On Being Tall

I'm tall! Not very, very, tall, but tall.

Tall enough that:
~I can leap high baby gates in a single bound
~I can jog faster than a short person my age doing his best!
~I can reach things on the highest shelf at the grocery store while shorter people just stand there and gawk at them
~I occasionally bring people back into reality as they stand looking up at me and say "Wow, you're tall!"
~I can look at my husband eye to eye and look up to him at the same time!
~I can see over a crowd at the parade, at church, at the mall, and at sporting events, even when the crowd is on it's feet!
~I have more surface area to spread those extra pounds around on.
~People who would try to bully me think twice about it when they have to strain their neck to look into my face
~I’m the favorite attraction at the park. I can throw kids up in the air much higher than most Moms and crying babies often enjoy me holding them because they get a better view of the world!
~If I'm out of shirts or undies, I can wear my hubby's and no one notices!
~I don't have to stand and wonder what I'm going to wear today, because I don't have that many clothes that actually fit right, so my choices are very limited. It’s a real time saver!
~If I'm walking toward someone and we are occupying the same space, chances are they will step aside and get out my way. (I wasn't called "Steamroller" on the college basketball team for nuthin'!)
~I can jog at night in sweats and a hoodie and people think I'm a man and leave me alone
~I can get places faster with less energy because I have a big stride
~I can get my arms around all four of my kids at once in a group hug.
~I can jump up and touch the rim of the basketball hoop and impress my boys and their friends. (My dunking days are over, or at least until I get rid of those extra pounds that no one notices!)
~I can be pregnant and still actually breathe!
~If I'm in a wedding as a bridesmaid, my dress is so long I can make my husband a whole week’s worth of satin boxers after the wedding is over.
~I can spike a volleyball. I mean I can ram it right down your throat!
~I can reach all my children at the table without getting up in case they need a "flicking" for bad manners during dinner
~I can still lift my sleeping son all the way up to the top bunk without waking him.
~I'm a little closer to heaven than most people
~I know it's raining before all of my friends do
~I can change a light bulb and a smoke alarm battery without a ladder or a chair
~I can actually utilize those cupboards that go all the way to the ceiling
~I can dust for cobwebs without jumping
~I can wash the top of the car without climbing on the top of the tire
~I can breathe better when I visit high altitude locales because I'm already used to the thin air
~People don't have to lean down to cry on my shoulders
~My lap is still big enough to rock my teenagers and I do every chance they give me!
~I don't have to worry about beating the rush at clothing sales because nothing ever fits anyway, so why bother going? My hubby likes that I'm easy on the checkbook!
~Shopping for clothes is easy. Just plop down on the couch and peruse all the tall clothing magazines. No crowds, not parking dilemmas, no grouchy sales people.
~I can sew just about anything--it was either learn or go naked!
~I can be the same height as my husband and shorter at the same time. He's 6 feet and I'm 5 feet 12! It helps his ego!

So, with all these advantages, who can complain about being tall?

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