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Monday, June 9, 2008

Must Men Wear Pink?

I recently responded to an online question, "does your hubby wear pink? Now I realize that this is not up to my usually superior intellecutal subjects, HA!, but I was surprised at the responses that I saw to this question. I for one am for stopping the feminization of America!

I choose to argue that some things are just sacred to a man, like what colors define masculinity, although most men are color blind anyway! You would never catch my hubby wearing a shirt that says "Manly men wear pink!" No sir! I believe my response was that my hubby would rather go naked than wear pink! In fact, when I asked him about it his response was, "the only pink you will ever see me in is the pink......well maybe I had better not give his response!

Come on girls, there have to be some differences between us! We already refuse to consider that men may be stronger, or smarter, or more capable in certain areas. Some will only begrudgingly concede that we have different hormonal structures. There are differences between men and women, as vast as the expanse of the sea, at least for a few years because let's face it, even that won't last forever!

Did you ever see two old people who have lived together for a very long time? They just look alike! They think alike, they talk alike! They eat the same foods, they think the same things are funny, even when they're not.I think that is proof that time and age does a number on us! There may be differences now, but just wait, that will change! In a few years, as we grow older, we will all end up gender neutral! In the end, the playing field will be level!

In a few years we will both have facial hair--trust me, it happens!
In a few years we will both be shriveled and sag in the same places!
In a few years we will have the same shakey voices, shakey hands, and orthopedic shoes.
In a few years we will both be eating the same diet--bran, fiber, and soft!In a few years we will be taking the same pills, and yes, some of them may be pink! GASP!
In a few years we won't even be able to tell our teeth apart unless we know which jar we put them in!

So for the sake of variety let's let the guys have their season of being bold, brave and blue, green and gray! Let's reserve something that is still thought of as purely feminine or masculine. No one will ever remember us because we wore pink or didn't wear pink, (except for my little friend Raylene who believes that the whole world should be pink, including school busses)! It has no bearing on eternity or history! Because really, will it make any difference in eternity if they went their whole lives without wearing pink? What will they miss by not wearing pink? What will they experience because they wear pink? (Nothing wholesome that I can think of there!) Let's preserve the idea of being able to tell that they are male, both when they are babies and when they are old men! Who dresses their boy baby in pink? And come to think of it, I've never seen a man in a coffin lined with pink either! That, in itself says something! So the next time you see a man in pink, slap him silly, so at least part of him will be black and blue and will distiguish that he is indeed a MAN!

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