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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Holy Spirit Speaks

A question was posed. What characteristic of the Holy Ghost are you most thankful for?

My answer: The Holy Spirit speaks!

He spoke to me the day I had a whole bottle of valium in one hand and some booze in the other and He said "remember that nothing is going to happen to you today that you and I can't handle together." My life was spared that day and the Word of God became my valium.

He spoke to me in a pew one Sunday morning and told me that no matter if anyone on earth loved me and thought I was of value, HE wanted to have a love relationship with me. My life was saved that day as I literally ran to the altar to take Him up on His offer, so love starved that I didn't even wait on the altar call.

When I was having trouble getting pregnant and it was really a question if I could have children, He spoke "he makes the woman to be the joyful mother of children", and two weeks later, I was pregnant.

He spoke when we had been done ruthlessly wrong by an employer and ended up homeless without a dime to our name "pray for those who persecute you", and taught me the greatest lesson on forgiveness that I have ever learned! It has kept me from bitterness, offense, jealousy, and unforgiveness throughout my Christian life.

He spoke one foggy night, late, "put on your seatbelt", and when I went off the road in the middle of a country field and turned the car over, surrounded by woods, he kept me safe, (even from the big King James Bible that flew directly in front of my face), and he spoke through the neighbor's dog barking so that I could find my way home.

He spoke one evening at 10PM, "go to the laundromat and do your laundry", even though you have to be at work at 8am and it's a half hour drive to the laundromat, and a life was changed for eternity.

He spoke in the middle of my prayer time loudly and said, "take some tea bags and visit your neighbor". I didn't know the neighbor, just knew she was sick, and another life was changed for eternity.

He spoke on the side of a road, filled with emergency vehicles and paramedics yelling, and a doctor proclaiming no signs of life in two of my four children, "I have done all that you asked me to", and my heart was at peace, my children were spared and healed! Praise the Lord.

He spoke when I asked why I wasn't more effective as a Christian and He said, "my child, you are terribly proud!" And then he took me on a three year and still continuing journey to true Biblical humility.

He spoke "I am Jehovah Jireh", and food appeared literally in my cupboard.He spoke to me each week, "Give", and I gave and when I had to choose between sending my kids to a youth retreat or buying groceries, He graciously provided groceries so that we had the money for the retreat.

When our church kids traveled to Oklahoma for kid's camp, He spoke, "Do not send your oldest son". I don't know what He spared us from, but I'm thankful!

When I was the victim of spiritual abuse from a church leader, and I was in prayer praying because everything that God had ever used me in was being sighted as a weakness in my life by this leader and I was confused, He spoke and said "Child, this person is not right, but while I have you here, there are a few weaknesses I would like to address", and I was changed forever!

He spoke after 32 hours of labor while they were asking me to stand up, bend at the waist and jump up and down during pitocin induced contractions. "I can't, I can't", I said and He said, "You can all things because I will strengthen you!" And He did!

When I allowed fear into my life and was having anxiety attacks, claustrphobia, and insomnia, and I had fallen into old sin patterns, He spoke as I repented and said, "I have already won the victory, rejoice", and I laughed and laughed and I never had problems like that again.

He spoke "SURELY I have borne your pain and your sickness" to me about His plan for childbirth, and I had two 10 lb. babies without pain.

The day before I found out that I was pregnant with my second child, after having 3 miscarriages, He spoke and said "this day I have rewarded you, according to your righteousness, according to the cleanness of you hands", and when, several months later I told a doctor who was telling me that I was no longer pregnant, "I don't care what you say, I'm having this baby when it's due", he soon discovered that I was indeed still pregnant and my daughter was born on her due date!

When my kids are having challenges in character, in school, or in life, I don't go to Dr. Dobson, Dr. Spock, or any other Christian expert, I fall on my knees in prayer, and He speaks something specifically for me to do to help them. Most often, he points out the behavior, attitudes, and language I use that is causing this in my children, and when I adjust myself, my children adjust automatically without me having to point their weaknesses out to them.

In Genesis we learn that God created us with the intention of having fellowship with us. He wired us to hear His voice, yet for so many that I know, they don't hear and think that they can't hear His voice---what a lie from the enemy!I pray that His voice would become more my reality than what I see, touch, taste, smell, or hear because I'm wired that way!! I want to work the way God created me to work, be what He created me to be, and live as He designed for me to live!Thank you Holy Spirit that you speak!

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